We think, work and produce for a better world. There is only ONE WORLD and we have all the energy it takes.

MORE ENERGY  means more health, more education and more happiness and more prosperity. We set out on this journey aiming to be of service to mankind. We take along our energy to all over the world.

Whatever we do, where ever we do it, it is to make a difference for the BETTER, it is to put bigger smiles on people’s faces. This is why we work day and night, overland and oversea, without borders.


Our strategies, our projects, our strength is geared towards finding better ways to give people MORE. In all the aspects of activities we strive for MORE and we provide MORE. We invest in  sustainability, in putting world’s limited resources to best available use.  We know that what is done today is actually done for tomorrow. We believe in MORE and BETTER for the quality of life. We realize this can be done best in the hands of best people with best technology.


We got our name from a sea (Black Sea)  known to be the home of the smiling, good humored, ambitious, hardworking, lively people with practical minds. We continue to work with our name, our heart and put our assets in use to be the power brining MORE power to people all over the ONE WORLD.